What is a CENOMAR in the Philippines, and what does it do? CENOMAR is an acronym for “certificate of no marriage”. This provides the person making the request, proof that a fiancé or fiancée is or is not married. So, if you are unsure about the civil status of your possible spouse or need a CENOMAR for marriage in your country, you may secure one of these documents. This document is issued upon request only, from the NSO (National Statistics Office) in Manila, Philippines, or at the local NSO office. If you, or your gf need a cenomar, and you are in Cebu; Here is the office, and you get lots more travel information on this website about travelling in and around Cebu, and Cebu City.


Ordering a CENOMAR is NOT a requirement to get married in the Philippines, as is an Authenticated Birth Certificate. However, a CENOMAR may be a requirement in order for a Filipino national to marry someone outside the Philippines. Please check with the Embassy of the Philippines in your country to verify whether or not it is a requirement for the Filipino National to secure a CENOMAR, prior to entering into marriage with you.


Below, we have added an image of what a typical CENOMAR should look like, after you receive it from the NSO in the Philippines. (The person in question in this example, was not married.) However, unlike an NSO authenticated birth certificate, which is ordered from the same office, a CENOMAR generally takes much longer to be received by those requesting the document.


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