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Before you arrive in the Philippines, you may apply for a 59 day visa from your nearest Philippines embassy. Upon expiry of your 59 day visa, you can arrange to have it extended. Extensions are for two months (59 days) at a time and you can extend your visa up to a maximum of 1 year. At that time, you are required to leave the country. You may re-enter as soon as you wish, to start your Tourist Visa over. There is no time limit requirement for a tourist to remain out of the Philippines, prior to returning.

You may apply be eligible to apply for a 59 day visa or a one-year, multiple entry visa, depending on your specific needs and what country your passport is issued from. You can request and fill out an application (often downloadable from the Philippine Embassy website) and send the fee, the application and your passport, to the Philippine Embassy closest to you. After they have processed your request (if approved), they will put the visa in your passport and send the passport back to you. You will be given 3 months to enter the country before the visa expires. Upon entry into the Philippines, your 59 days will begin. Make sure that you file for an extension at least two weeks prior to your visa expiring.

If you come into the country on a one-year entry visa, you are still only limited to a single 59 day stay upon any entry, meaning you will have to leave prior to end of the 59 days or you will have to file for an extension to stay longer.

If you do not arrange a 59 day visa in advance, Immigration may put a 21 day allowance stamp your passport, upon arrival in the Philippines. This will allow you to stay 21 days (see guidelines below) without having to pay any fees or having to go to the Bureau of Immigration (BOI) for any reason. If you need to stay longer than 21 days, you can arrange for an extension through the Bureau of Immigration (BOI), or through your local travel agent in the Philippines. The initial extension is for 38 days which takes you up to 59 days, the length of the visa you could have obtained in advance.

If you choose to request an extension (in person) at your nearest Bureau of Immigration (BOI) office, you have to make sure you wear long pants and shoes, otherwise you will not be admitted into the building. If you prefer, you may go to most local travel agents, which will be authorized to file the extension on your behalf. You can drop your passport at the travel agent and pick it up, usually within 48 hours. There is a charge, usually around Php 500, for this service.

If your stay in the Philippines is going to be longer than 6 months (as a tourist), you will need permission to leave the country, in the form of an Immigration Clearance Certificate. You can read Jim Sibbick’s write-up regarding securing this document.

Please note: I have added a fee of Php 500 to each item, below. If you wish to file your extensions on your own (at the Bureau of Immigration), please deduct the Php 500 from each extension for the actual amount you are required to pay.

Typical costs for extensions are as follows:

1. Visa Waiver for 38 days initial stay of 21 days without visa:

Total Php 3,030.00

2. Visa Extension after 59 days good for two months:

Total Php 4,830.00+ ACR card Php 2,800 totalling around Php 7.630

3. Visa Extension good for 2 months going from 5 to 6 months stay:

Total Php 2,830.00

4. Visa Extension after 6 months stay:

Total Php 4,240.00

5. Visa Extension good for 2 months going from 9 to 10 months to stay:

Total Php 2,830.00

6. Last Extension good for 2 months going from 11 to 12 months stay:

Total Php 2,830.00

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